November 3, 2018

History of machine manufacturing

Every industry has its history so does the machine manufacturing industry.  Machines are generally preferred because it reduces human effort and productivity is very high in terms of both quality and quantity. From the day when the man came up with the concept of wheel till today where he is working on artificial intelligence, the human brain is constantly looking out for something which makes the work better in every way. Here is the brief history of how and why machine manufacturing happened.


Steam trains

The beginning

The machine manufacturing came into existence during the industrial revolution. Actually, the industrial revolution played a major role in creating the need for machines. Initially, it was the iron industries, the shipyards, and general repair shops. In these days the necessity of machines was very minimal and there only a few that were producing simple machinery.

18th century

It was during the 18th century when there the industrial revolution in England that demand for machines started. The first steam engine the Newcomen Engine came into use all over Europe. They were majorly used to pump water from the mines. In 1770 James Watt improved the design of the steam engine that gave more power. This was when the concept of steam engines was employed in the factories. The concept of the steam engine was used to manufacture products such as textile pottery. Some people understood the need for machines and the first machine production industry was started in the UK. This was also followed in Germany and Belgium.

19th century

The 19th century witnessed the emergence of railways. The railways are one sector that demanded a lot of work. Railways were first used for commercial transportation purposes like transportation of materials from mines. To meet those needs, the coaches were designed accordingly. Later when the railways were used for the transportation of people, the coaches were designed accordingly. Those were the days when trains were very far from the reach of the common man. To design things according to the need of the rich really took a lot. This also contributed a lot to the emergence of various machine manufacturing industries which produced tools for designing a lot the parts in the train.


20th century till now

The term machine industry actually came into existence only in the later stages of the 19th century. It was during 1907 the British Ministry of Trade and Industry was formed. They were the official controlling body of trade and the industries. The engineering aspect of most of the came into existence during the 20th century. Many discoveries very made and new concepts were formed. It was during this period that people started investing more time and money in research. The world wars are other issues demanded a lot of machinery. The concept of mass production was formed. The mass-producing industries needed machines that hit more numbers.

The bind of technology and machines

There was once a time when most of the machines that were produced were purely mechanical, with very few electronics. After the world war technology and innovation started playing major roles. The priority from numbers went from quantity to quality. This contributed many industries to come up with new machines that would help the common man.

This is how the manufacturing industry came into existence and became an undeniable part of today’s world.

Old machines
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